Make Our World Green

The council, which has been collecting leftovers for the past two years, uses tiny bugs to break down the food into fertiliser. The process, called anaerobic digestion, creates gas which is converted into electricity. This is, in turn, used to power the processing plant.

Any excess is sold to the National Grid. In April Ealing announced plans to send hundreds of tonnes of food every month to the Biogen plant in Bedfordshire following a successful sixmonth trial.

Bio Packaging provides businesses in the UK with a range of environmental supplies. In particular they specialise in providing environmental packaging for food related businesses. Bio-plastics are 100% biodegradable, have a low carbon footprint and are made from annually renewable plants. Bio-plastic disposal has a lower impact than oil based plastics because it is recyclable and compostable / biodegradable. The company facilitates closed loop composting of bio-plastics. They collect the bio-degradable waste from you and return it to the fields to grow more plants. Plant starch is the material they utilize instead of oil based plastics. An extensive range of products to choose from. You can read more about this company, their mission statement, environmental practice and about the founders here.

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